16 Best Travel Coffee Mugs (2022): Insulated, Steel, Thermal

It’s a cultural thing, but not many of us in the US enjoy glugging any beverage at room temperature. Steaming hot or icy cold, sure, but once a drink has been left out too long, it starts to approach that dreaded 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Thankfully, you can fight against lukewarm drinks with a double- or triple-walled, vacuum-insulated container. Then every road trip, beach blast, and long day in the office will at least be accompanied by a constant supply of beverages at just the right temperature.

From coffee to ice water to tea to beer, we’ve been sipping and swigging all our drinkables from the best insulated beverage containers we could find. Below are our top picks for vacuum-insulated, multipurpose coffee and beverage mugs. They will all do a stellar job of keeping your joe piping hot—or ice-cold.

Updated June 2022: We’ve added the Yeti Rambler Colster, Miir Climate+, and Purist Mover.

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