16 Phone Accessories for People With Upper Extremity Disabilities

As phones got better, they also got bigger. That means, for the most part, a new phone today means a big, flat, sleek rectangle prone to falls and being thrown against a wall out of frustration. For some, that frustration might come from a conversation. For others, like myself, it comes from the difficulty of using a phone as a transhumeral (above-elbow) amputee relying on one arm. Nevertheless, even though we rely on our phones every day, they’ve become harder to handle (no pun intended) if you struggle with your hands. The good news is that as phones have progressed so have their accessories.  

So maybe you’re working with a limb difference like me, have dexterity issues, limited strength, arthritis, or anything else that keeps you from using your phone efficiently. Whatever the case is, I’ve discovered a few add-ons that might help. It’s also fair to say that some of these disability-friendly items will help if you just use your phone all the time.

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